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All businesses have to market themselves if they expect to grow and prosper. So, No matter where in the spectrum of the world of business. Your business needs to market itself; otherwise, they are just spinning their wheels in the mud.
That's where I come into the picture. I help businesses market themselves and build their brands and customer bases. The more people know about your business, the better off you are.
But it's not all about spreading the word that you have a business. You have to convince them that what you have for sale can solve a problem and get them to take the desired action—anything contacting you for more information to employing your company to perform a service for them.
Everybody will ask what's in it for me before they purchase a product or service as they will have to justify the purchase to either themselves or their boss/higher-ups in the company.
Whether we like it or not, the ways we market our businesses have changed in today's world. Primarily due to Covid and people doing more and more online. Everything from ordering online then pulling up in front of the store and having store employees load it in their vehicle to having their order delivered to their homes.
More people are doing their shopping online rather than visiting the stores, making transportation and logistics/freight forwarding at the front of a company's mindset. From the time the product leaves the factory, it was made to the consumer who is purchasing the end product.
We are in the business of Companies solve their Marketing Problems and thrive in a digital world, with a full range of marketing services to assist them in growing and prospering.

Covering all your Marketing Needs

We provide a variety of services, all with the intent of helping your business grow and prosper.
While we do provide general Copy and Content services such as:
• Email Copy
• Direct Mail
• Copywriter
• Editor
• Direct Response
• Creative Writing
• Direct Mail
• Draft Outline
• Storytelling

We also provide the following services in Partnership with Constant Contact to assist you in your marketing needs.

60-Minute Online Marketing Consultation/Audit
• Discuss current strategy
• Discover pain points and the needs of the client
• Provide suggestions on what can be done to improve sales through different marketing initiatives

Customized Website
• 8-12 pages (our Website Builder plan is only $10/month)
• Ensure consistent branding
• SEO optimization

Website Maintenance
Copy/image updates or adding new pages

SEO Management
• Stay up to date on trends/making copy changes as needed
• Traffic and revenue reporting

Email Marketing Start-Up Services
• Selecting or designing a branded email template
• Writing or copy editing
• Training on the basics of using Constant Contact
• Integrating social media channels into their email campaigns

Email Campaign Creation and Launch
• Define goals with the client and create email copy and template(s)
• Segment lists, launch campaign, and report on metrics

Email Marketing Ongoing Services
• List management and segmentation
• Content development: Regularly meet with your client to understand what they’d like to talk about
• Email template creation
• Campaign execution/auditing/testing
• Provide timely reports on who is opening their emails, who is clicking, and who is taking action?

Social and Google Ad Management
• Creating audiences/reporting on results
• Testing and updating as needed

Social Media Presence Management
• Collaborate on goals with the client
• Create posts (including images)
• Define metrics and provide reporting

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Helping your Business Prosper in a Digital World

A Lot more than just Consulting

Rather you want to do it for yourself or you just need a little Help I'm Here to assist you.

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